Jack’s Birthday

March 16, 2009

Well my son just hit the 2 year mark.  We got about 10″ of fresh snow on his B-day so he thought it would be perfect conditions to test out his new Kestrel bike.  Jenny threw on his snow suit and out he went to tear it up for a while.

As you can see the Kestrel was more than up to the task of the snow.  Who needs a Pugsley for snow riding!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Jack,  you’re the best.

Love Dadimg_0659


My First Post

March 16, 2009

Well here is my first post.  Nothing too exciting just want the fam and friends to be in the loop when I’m traveling.

Currently I’m sitting outside the Taipei convention hall drinking coffee and going over emails.  This has to be the most beautiful day I’ve ever spent in Taiwan.

Any way thats it for now.  Hopefully I’ll have more exciting stuff in the future.