Birthday Boy

March 2, 2010




Snow Days

February 11, 2010

As you may or may not know the Mid Atlantic region of the East coast has been crippled by snow the last week.  This is officially the most snowfall the region has gotten in recorded history.

After 4 hours of digging out my driveway and sidewalks, that doesn’t include last week or yesterday, I’m finally going to get to have some fun and go sledding w/ the kids and Jenny.

Here are a couple of pics from the backyard.

Camping in January

January 28, 2010

Headed out to Ricketts Glen State Park w/ Joe Flats Today,

Weather was cool and clear on our way out and it was a pleasant drive heading out to western PA.    We stayed at Goods Campground for the evening.I nice guy with nicotine stains around his white beard checked us in and overcharged us for firewood, that was wet.  $10 to use the grounds, $15 for the wet wood.

Joe and I settled on a spot and set up camp.We got settled in and cracked a couple of coldies and explored around the ground till nightfall

We headed back to camp to get a fire going.  Started to build a fire in the pit but didn’t have much success because the ice that was in the pit turned to a puddle of water.  Luckily there was a pavillion right next to us with a dry pit and we had a blazing fire going in no time.  We made some dinner had some coldies then hit the deck to get some sleep.  We were both praying our bags would keep us warm enough because it was a bit cold out.

We made it through the night and woke up pretty warm except for some chilly feet.  Not bad. Time for some breakfast and then off to the trails.

We get to the trail head and can’t believe the difference in temperature and snow coverage from the elevation gain.  The trail is totally covered in ice and snow, good thing we brought crampons.  At this point our excursion almost ends because one of the sets of crampons we have is intended for mountaineering boots and we both have on hiking boots.  We tinker around a bit to get the bad set to work on we are on our way.  Good thing we got them to work because there was no way we were going 100 yards without them.  The warning signs are legit.  Don’t take them lightly. The main reason we wanted to come here was the Falls Trail.  It has a whole bunch of waterfalls around a 7 mile trail loop.  We didn’t know how many we would get to see today because the trail get pretty dicey in winter.  We get to the first fall but can’t go down because the only way to continue on the trail is by going down what I would call and ice slide.  Already I feel underprepared and we are only a mile or so into our trip.  We decided to go around the highland trail and access the waterfall loop from the other side.  Here is a pic from the midway crevasse.

We finally get around to the other entrance to the waterfall loop and this is the first one we see.

Pretty rad.    We continue on enjoying the scenery and walking cautiously.  Nothing like walking down 6″ wide stone steps w/ 3″ of ice on top of them next to a 30′ drop.  Good times.

We check out a couple of more falls then get to the big dog.  This fall is 94′ tall.  Looking from the top kind of makes me queasy.We walk around and start to descend to the bottom when we hit a section of trail that we are not equipped to traverse.

As you can see this girl was setting ice anchors and ropes to lead a tour through this section.  Joe and I did not have any of that gear so it was at this point we decided to turn around and enjoy some lunch.  Se set up at the top of the falls and I enjoyed a nice bag of beef STROGANOFF.    Camping food rules.

After lunch we started our hike out.  Here are some pics I took on our way back to the care

The whole hike was pretty surreal and felt like we were walking on a different planet.   Can’t wait to go back in the Summer and hike the whole trail.

It’s been a while.

January 21, 2010

Well it’s been quite some time. I am going to try and do at least one post a week going forward.
So alot’s been going on, too much to try and write about so I will start fresh current thoughts.
I don’t know if anyone else has tried the recently released Throwback Mountain Dew but I am hooked. No High Fructose corn syrup all Sugar. Taste like it did when I was growing up. Now I remember why I drank 6 of them a day when I was younger. Anyway If you haven’t tried it go and get some.

Crash & Burn

July 7, 2009

4th of July has come and gone.  It was shaping up to be a great weekend.  Thursday night I did a training crit bicycle race with a couple of guys from work.  It was fun riding in a pack with 80 or so people at 25+ mph.  Very exciting and nerve racking at the same time.

Friday I was off from work and Jenny & I knocked out all the yard work so we could go to the beach on Saturday.  I invited my mom for the trip and everything was set to go.  I was going to ride my bike to Ocean City NJ and meet Jenny, the kids & my mom at the beach.  It’s around a 60 mile ride from my door to the shore.

The ride starts off great.  It is a beautiful day.  I’m averaging around 21.5 mph and just jammin down the road.  I get past the spot where my rear tire blew out the week before.  So far so good.  So I’m cruising down the road and I’m about 3 miles from the bridge I need to cross to get into OC when all of a sudden I’m sliding across the road.

I really don’t know what happened.  I remember a big gust of wind then the front end of my bike going out from underneath.  Next thing I know I hear my helmet scraping across the road and I see asphalt going by about 2 inches from my face.  When I stop tumbling my hip feels like someone hit it with a sledgehammer and my shoulder and left arm feel like someone ran it through a cheese grater.  I look around and everything that was in my jersey pockets is littered on the shoulder of the road and my bike is about 10 feet in front of me.  A lady jumps out of her car and yells at someone else to call 911. Wow did I look that bad?  The lady says she a nurse and tell me to stay laying down in case I have a neck injury.  The lady says they called an ambulance for me.  At this point I couldn’t lift up my left leg so I figured that was probably a good idea.  I called Jenny and told her I crashed.  She had passed me about 20 minutes beforehand on the road.  Luckily she didn’t hit the beach yet.  Jenny was cool as a cucumber and figured if I was calling her I couldn’t be hurt that bad.  Jenny showed up as the EMT’s were loading me up.  I think the worst part of the whole ordeal was hearing my son crying and saying DA DA.  He didn’t like seeing me all banged up.  Man that was tough.

So I take the ambulance ride to the ER and I’m in there waiting w/ all the jet ski victims.  It is an active ER because it is a holiday weekend and it is a hospital at the beach.

The doc comes and checks me over and sends me off for some X-rays.  They run a dozen or so x rays on my shoulder & hip then send me to a room to wait.  A nurse came in an scrubbed all the sand, glass and dirt out of my road rash.  That was almost as bad as crashing.

So the doc comes back and good news, nothing broken.  Just some deep bruising and lots of road rash.

Man was I lucky.  I’m pretty banged up but I’ll take the scrapes and bruises over broken bones any time.

My bike did not fare as well.  Both of my shifter broke andthe rest of the front end is in the shop for inspection.  That is the only problem with carbon components.  They are fragile.  Here’s a pic ofthe shifters

After I got out of the ER and inspected the bike I see what I think caused the bike to go out of control.  The sidewall on my front tire completely blew out.  I think because of the speed I was going and the quick loss of tire pressure it caused the front end to go out from underneath me.  That’s my theory anyway.

I have no pics of the road rash yet.  I’ll update when I take some.

I want to thank the lady that got out of the car to help me, Egg Harbor EMT’s, Shore Memorial hospital, Jenny & my Mom for not being mad at me for ruining their beach day and most of all God for watching over me and limiting my injuries.

That’s it for now.  Next post should be a bit more fun.

Memorial Day Weekend

May 27, 2009

I know it’s been a while but things have been busy.

Memorial day weekend just passed and I took advantage and took an extra day off of work.  I had a great weekend hanging w/ Jenny & the kids.

We went for a hike at Wissihickon park in Philadelphia.  If you’ve never been to the park it is an awesome place.  There is hiking, biking, fishing and beautiful scenery all around for miles.  It is had to believe it is right outside of center city.

Jack was fired up for sure.Jack at the Wiss

Jack hiked for almost 2 hours on his own.  Toward the end he could barely put two steps together.

Jenny & Charlotte were all geared up and ready to go as well

Jenny & Charlotte @ the Wiss

Charlotte is happy as long as she is next to her momma.

Jenny & I wanted to take more pictures but it’s difficult because we need to keep an eye on Jack and make sure he doesn’t fly off the side of the trail.

Jenny did get a good snap of Jack & I checking out the creek.

Jack & I peeping the creek

A good time was had by all at the Wiss.  Can’t wait to have more adventures this summer there with the fam.

Here is one last shot of the crew finishing up the hike.

Crew finishing up hike

The rest of the weekend was pretty mellow.  Went for a bike ride with flats and he lived up to his nickname.  Joe blew a tire about 7 miles into a 40 mile ride so we had to call it quits early.  Our neutral support was nowhere around so I rode back to the car and then picked him up.   The good thing is we didn’t have to call the girls to come and get us an nobody got hur.  We live to ride another day.

Monday we went over to Joe & Cheryls for a little BBQ Action.  Jack got to model his new swimsuit.

Jack Euro Style

I have a matching pair but I didn’t wear them that day.

The pool was a little cold but Jack was fired up to play in the water.  He was shivering but he was having fun.

Charlotte and I got to spend some quality time.

Charlotte & I

It’s nice because after 10 months she doesn’t cry when I hold her.

Things were winding down at the Flaherty’s and Jenny took this beautiful pic of Jack

Handsome Jack

He looks so handsome in this picture.

So that is it for Memorial day weekend.  It was a great 4 days and I can’t wait for the rest of the summer to have more good times.

Almost Home

March 24, 2009

Well on my last day here in Taiwan.  It’s been a long trip but I’ve gotten a lot accomplished so I’m pretty stoked.   When dealing with overseas production you always get so much more done when you are there in front of the vendors as opposed to communicating through email.

You do get to see some cool stuff when traveling abroad.  Like the worlds tallest building

Me in front of taipei 101

Me in front of taipei 101

You also get to eat some exotic foods



Yep that’s a duckhead

Inside of duck head

Inside of duck head

and yep that is the brain and all the trimming inside the duckhead.  Yummy!  Needless to say I had rice that night for dinner.

Some things you never get used to and whole roasted duck head is one of them.

Anyway one more night then on the 777 back to Jerz.  I can’t wait to see my Jenny and the kids and sleep in my own bed.  Jenny will be glad to see me but I’m sure she’ll be bummed to share the bed again.  Oh well you have to take the bad w/ the good.