Almost Home

March 24, 2009

Well on my last day here in Taiwan.  It’s been a long trip but I’ve gotten a lot accomplished so I’m pretty stoked.   When dealing with overseas production you always get so much more done when you are there in front of the vendors as opposed to communicating through email.

You do get to see some cool stuff when traveling abroad.  Like the worlds tallest building

Me in front of taipei 101

Me in front of taipei 101

You also get to eat some exotic foods



Yep that’s a duckhead

Inside of duck head

Inside of duck head

and yep that is the brain and all the trimming inside the duckhead.  Yummy!  Needless to say I had rice that night for dinner.

Some things you never get used to and whole roasted duck head is one of them.

Anyway one more night then on the 777 back to Jerz.  I can’t wait to see my Jenny and the kids and sleep in my own bed.  Jenny will be glad to see me but I’m sure she’ll be bummed to share the bed again.  Oh well you have to take the bad w/ the good.


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